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Dear Friends,

Where do you turn when you are looking for support as a parent? When you are feeling unsure, overwhelmed or isolated, or are just wondering, “is this normal”? Many of you are seeking guidance beyond what can be found in books, articles shared on Facebook, or the advice of family members. Sometimes, you need more; a quiet space, a listening ear, and compassionate guidance based on you and your child’s unique experience.

This is the purpose of the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center: personalized, heart-centered support based on an understanding of the individual needs of each parent, child and family.

But, it takes a lot of people to support a family.

A lot of people.

Right now, we are serving more Ojai and Ventura families than we ever have before. And NOW, we have families coming from as far away as Somis and Santa Barbara. Families are coming because they experience being deeply supported. It might be the family experiencing loss and parenthood, illness, depression or anxiety and parenthood, a hard to soothe baby, a toddler that tantrums, or a young child whose behavior is difficult to understand.

Every one of these families, each and every unique family has a right to this support. Not just some families. And that is why it is our policy that no one is turned away. But, we need your help to make sure that families continue getting the support they need.

As an organization, we don’t ask for financial support for rent or for equipment. But, we do ask for support to provide services directly to families, and that’s because it takes a lot of people to support a family through ordinary and extraordinary life experiences and to keep adults well, children safe and families cared for during each and every unique story and experience.

Right now, because of our increased enrollment and because of all these families from TWO counties seeking out support and services, we are creating wait lists when we don’t have room in our classes. This is why I am asking you to give.

Our goal is to turn no family away.

Will you help us get families off the wait list and into the Center?

Here is a link to our “Donate” page where you can make a gift through PayPal.

When you make a donation or monthly pledge – families find help, answers and community. The infant, tot and young child can’t wait; they need the best grown-up they can have now. And when that happens, babies and young children have a profoundly essential beginning.

With Gratitude,
Carol Castanon
Executive Director


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Dear Friends,

2014 was a year of growth for the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center. Not only did we serve more people than any prior year, 586; we served families from Santa Barbara to Camarillo. These families received parent education, peer support, breastfeeding support, in home visits, psychological care and parent consultations. We were able to accomplish all this with a budget just over $90,000 for the year. We are proud, that despite this limited budget, we did not turn any families away from our support and care.

Our goals for 2015 have been building a more robust organization able to serve more families, raise awareness about the Center through an updated website and marketing, and increasing the number of ways we can provide support to families. I can report that we are well on track to accomplishing all these goals and more.

As we look forward to 2016-2018, we focused on growing the number of families we can support both in our community and beyond. We hope to double the number of families we serve over the next few years. Communities are as strong as their families. Supporting families, so that they thrive, reduces violence, increases school success, reduces anxiety and depression in parents and children, reduces divorce rates, and increases family resiliency. This work has never been more important, the rates of child abuse, neglect and entry to foster care in our community continue to be higher than the rest of California.

As a father of three, I view the work of the Center as a profoundly important part of healing our community and creating a safer and more prosperous future for our children. I hope you will join us in this healing.

Deepest Thanks,

Nathan Wallace, Board President

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