Breastfeeding Support

{Breastfeeding CareLine}

805-646-7559 ext 1

Our CareLine is available 7 days a week 365 days a year to anyone in the world. Support is also provided via email at and through Facebook private messaging.

{Breastfeeding Check In}

555 Mahoney Ave., Room 2, Oak View, CA 93022

Join us weekly to talk with the support of other mothers and class facilitators in our Circle of Parenting playgroup, that is combined with the breastfeeding support group.  New babies bring joy, but also change and transition. Questions may arise about well-being, crying, holding and what “should or can I be doing with my baby?” Explore your new role with other new parents.  Share birth and other new family stories.  Learn about your baby’s as well as your own personal development.  Dads and all caregivers welcomed and encouraged to attend.

{Prenatal Breastfeeding Class}

Please contact Darcy at Mothers Guild or at