Young and Teen Parents Program

 Time: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Join other young families for conversation, FREE DINNER, FREE DIAPERS, hang out and play! We also bring in guest speakers to talk about specific issues the group would like more information on.  In the past we have speakers on going back to school with a young child, eating on a budget, etc. RSVP is not required, but if you know you’re dropping by, let us know! RSVP to Gina at
Cost: FREE!
Location: The Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center
The Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center provides venues for young (generally 25 and under) mothers and fathers to come together and share their experiences, resources, and support. Below are some of the common questions and concerns that come up for many young families.  We collaborate with community partners such as schools, faith-based organizations and other agencies sharing a mission to support young parents. Our Young Parent Advocate, Gina Gerard (a young parent herself) facilitates face-to-face meetings, speaks at schools and groups, and provides home visits for peer support.

We have a Facebook page called “Young Parents of NTNC.”  Teens and Young Parents who are expecting a baby or are already parents can receive an invitation to join this group by friending Parent Friend Ojai.  This is a secret group, to ensure teens’ safety and privacy.

Our Breastfeeding Care Line is available free of charge at at 646-7559 ext. 1
If you or your organization would like to collaborate to support teens or a teen in particular, please contact us at or call us at 646-7559 ext. 3

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