Ages & Stages


{Ages & Stages}

The age of a child deeply affects the experience of parenting.  You might often read about a stage of child development, but what the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center offers is the stage of child, parent and the relationship between.  The space in-between child and parent is where the child learns about emotional competence and the parent learns about emotional capacity.  Together, child and parent learn to trust, anticipate, listen, be listened to problem solve and be part of a family.  A child knows the parent like no other.  They feel who we are and are not.  The parent is holding a lifetime of experience and the beginning of an unknown journey.  It can be vulnerable and joyful.  This is true for children too.  Both child and parent are exploring competence and identity.  These stages of being and becoming are briefly shared along with supporting articles from breastfeeding to play.  We’ll continue to build our on-line resource articles as we continue to explore more about stages and ages pre-natal to five.