Summer 2018
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This summer spend quality time with your child while helping their development and growth in one of our fun, interactive classes. Our playgroups provide a space for you to bond with your baby or toddler in a safe and welcoming environment while learning tools to help them grow into amazing people. 2 facilitators lead each class exploring many topics throughout baby’s first years, while also creating a place to find new and supportive friendships with other parents.

(Ages 22-36 months)
June 26 – July 31 (6 week)
Tuesdays 9:00am to 11:00am
Fee: $180
Pre-Registration required.
(Ages 12-24 Months)
June 26 – July 31 (6 week)
Tuesdays 1:30pm to 2:45pm
Fee: $ ​132​
Pre-registration required
(Ages 0-14 months)
July 11 – August 1 (​4 week​)​ *
Wednesdays 9:00am to 10:15am
Fee: $ ​88​
Pre-registration required
​T​his summer we will also be offering weekly drop-in groups. These are mixed age groups, and no registration is required. ​We hope to see you there!
(Ages 0-36 Months)
Wednesdays June 13- August 8 10:30- 11:45am
BUBBLE PLAY June 13 & 27, July 18 and August 1
     Bubbles are LOVED by your baby or toddler, they are also a wonderful way to encourage many areas of 
     development and learning. Bubbles can be big or small, few or many, played with indoors or outdoors and enjoyed all summer
     long. Bring your baby or toddler to enjoy time together with friends during bubble play at NTNC.
WATER PLAY- June 20, July 11 & 25 and August 8
     Summer is the perfect time to explore, and there’s nothing more fun than spending time splashing, pouring and playing with     
     water. This summer get out of the heat, join friends, and make a little splash through water play at NTNC. Bring a little towel 
     and bathing suit if you desire as we bring out the water table and kiddie pool. 
Every Wednesday 10:30am to 11:45am
Fee: $10 per family

*There are no classes July 4th


(Prenatal to 14 months)

Pregnancy and new babies bring profound transitions to families. You are not alone!  Questions may arise about a baby’s crying, need for holding, feeding and sleeping. Explore your new role as a mother or father, how it feels and what you need while in the company of other parents and professionals. This class begins with adult quiet observation as the children play explore and play. Together, we’ll build skills in observing and learning about infants and very young tots – learning a baby’s perspective while finding calm, exploring infant / tot parent partnerships, attachment cues and trust. Join our group to learn about infant development, becoming a parent, and you and your baby’s journey toward a secure beginning. You’ll learn how to understand what you see and feel in your baby, as a mother/father, and the bond in between.


(Ages 12-24 Months)

Young toddlers require the freedom to move and to attend to exploration as they work and play. Many of these young tots have grown into world explorers! In this class you’ll watch your baby expand their capacity to be with other tots and adults in an environment that is specifically designed for the very young. This class begins with adult quiet observation as the children play explore and play. You’ll learn about young toddler competence, parallel play, and the emergence of problem solving with others.  You’ll discover how to support new feeding and sleeping patterns, temperament, anger, waiting, listening, autonomy, and attachment styles in both you and your baby.  Your tools and capacity to be in relationship with your baby will grow. Your baby will discover their own unique place of comfort within themselves and with others. 


(Ages 22-36 months)

Toddler Play class nurtures a child’s necessary work of play. This class begins with adult quiet observation as the children play explore and play. Your growing tot will have inside and outside child centered play, clean-up, singing and a snack.  Children will learn that they can wait, listen to others, be listened to, problem solve, and be part of a group.  These are the foundations for a happy family and later school success.  There are also daily sensory activities for children to explore the physical world in ways that nurture brain and body development.  Parents will have the opportunity to observe and learn from child play among their tot’s young peers. Parents/caregivers can share the ups and downs of living with a two year old with other parents and a NTNC professional.  There is parent discussion and education with every class.   You’ll learn “parent tools” for supporting feelings, attachment, autonomy, mastery and problem solving. This is an inclusion class for all tots, including those with special needs. 

For more information please contact or call us at 805-646-7559