Support Groups

prenatal flyer

Mondays 6-7:30 pm June 18th – July 23rd 6 Week Support Group $120

  Facilitated by Postpartum Doula Maya Kokatay and MFT Trainee Whitney Bell.      

We warmly invite you to join a support group of mothers-to-be.

 This group welcomes all pregnant women, at any stage of pregnancy, whether with a first child or you are welcoming another child into your family. Our aim is to provide a safe and confidential place to explore your worries and joys, find support and connection, and to practice ways of calming  and centering. We are devoted to supporting you during this time of profound, complicated and amazing transition into motherhood.  Please call 805-646-7559 ext 2 for more information and to sign up. Participation in this group includes an optional free counseling session or a parenting consultation with Carol Castanon, Director of Family Services at NTNC.

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