ParentCare: New Baby Home Visit Program

The more parents feel cared for, the better they are able to care for their newborns

What is ParentCare?

ParentCare is a volunteer, community-based service that assists parents in their own homes during the first months of their baby’s life.

What is our philosophy of service?

Every family deserves the support of its community when a new baby is born. Mothers (and fathers!) need to be cared for so they can care for their newborns.

ParentCare provides a circle of care around parents, so they can relax and bond with their babies.  ParentCare believes that secure early attachments are the basis for healthy adult relationships, so in nurturing the parent, you nurture the newborn, the family, the whole community.

How does the program work?

When a family inquires about receiving ParentCare, a program supervisor will schedule a home visit to learn about the family and their needs. We then match one of our screened, trained,  & supervised volunteers to the family for a three-month session of home visits. Volunteers visit the family twice weekly in the first month, and once weekly for the second and third months.

ParentCare professionals also provide a wide array of resources and referrals including emotional care, breastfeeding support, and other needs of the expectant and new family.

Families are encouraged to apply for ParentCare while pregnant.

ParentCare is not a babysitting service; rather, we are devoted to nurturing the nurturers.

Consider ParentCare

We are not meant to do this alone! This is a profound time of transition and development, and not just for babies! ParentCare is here to care for parents… not teach, not control or dictate how things should be. ParentCare is here to support the honorable and essential work of parenting.

Cost of ParentCare

We do not turn any family away for lack of funds.  The cost of ParentCare is $650 for three months of visits. Please contact about our sliding scale scholarship fund if you need assistance.

Let us serve you. Call 805-646-7559 ext. 110 for more information or send us an email at

Interested in becoming a ParentCare Volunteer?

The Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center is looking for volunteers for the ParentCare home visit program. ParentCare serves families who have recently had a new baby and need extra support in the first months of the baby’s life. Volunteers assist in the home with activities that allow parents to spend time with their new babies, such as preparing a snack,  going for a walk with mom and baby, or playing with an older sibling. If you are interested in supporting families in your community and learning about early childhood development, please contact Renee Mandala at 805-646-7559 x 110 for more information. Prior experience is not required, though a passion for helping families is strongly encouraged.

Visit our ParentCare Volunteer Page for more information

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