Business Sponsors and Community Partners

A special thanks to our 2016 Corporate Sponsors and Community Partners!!!!  

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“To me, being a parent is community.” NTNC Teen Parent


Investing in the Future

Investing in Family and Community Supports:

• Increases family stability

• Reduces depression, anxiety and addiction in adults, children and teens

• Increases school success

• Reduces crime

• Nurtures successive generations of family

• Decreases child abuse and neglect

• Increases community well-being through a healthy citizenry


Building Your Community

One Family At A Time Means:

• No mother, father, caregiver or infant feels isolated

• All families have concrete resources for physical, social, and emotional well-being

• Every family understands the power of healthy attachment

• Each child 0-3 years of age grows bigger with adults who understand child development

• Children and adults learn skills to be resilient at home and in community

• Reaching all families regardless of the ability to pay

• Building trusted partnerships between family members

Each Infant, Toddler And Young Child Experience:

• Parents who understand their experiences and feelings

• Parents who demonstrate compassion

• Parents who trust their unique sense of interest and competence

• Parents who keep them safe

• Parents who problem-solve

• Parents who role-model relationships

A strong and functional family is a unit of stability supporting schools,

businesses, industry, and community – everyone benefits!

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Thank you for your support! Please contact us if you would like to learn more about becoming a sponsor of the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center or consider making a tax-deductible donation now.

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