“The Center has been like an oasis of learning to our family. I watch my granddaughter Kylie play with the other children, learning and observing how each child interacts with the other and why. This has helped my relationship with my daughter, granddaughter, and myself. Kylie is able to interact in a harmonious way with all types of children. Because of this center I have never had a better relationship with my daughter. Why, because of the center we are on the same page. I see it as a miracle!!!!!”


“My wife began attending NTNC when our son was just a few months old and relaying the support and advice she was getting to me when she would come home.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this experience as it has helped us have a happy and harmonious home. I am continually impressed both by their knowledge on child development and psychology and by their warmth and caring. As a father, I am especially grateful to the facilitators for understanding the often different relationship that fathers have with their children, and offering advice and support to promote a healthy relationship between me and my son.”


“We first found out we were pregnant with our son, Max, in May of 2009. My husband, Jerrick, works full time at McDonalds to support us and I am on Social Security disability. So as you can imagine, money is very tight. One thing I really appreciated about the Nan Tolbert Center is that they handled our situation with respect and dignity. We would not have been able to afford the classes and services received through them without the scholarships they made available to us. In addition to the initial pre-natal breastfeeding class, we now attend a weekly breastfeeding support group that they facilitate and have access to their 24 hour breastfeeding hotline. This support has been vital to our success at breastfeeding. Because of the help I have found there, I am a much more confident mother and have been able to overcome serious breastfeeding problems.”


“I am 27 years old. I am disabled. I have a 10 month old daughter, Promise. I began going to the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center when Promise was about 4 or 5 months old. They have been so great to us. I attend 3 different classes at the NTNC. They have been very supportive of me and accepting of my disability. They have given me lots of breast-feeding advice and answer all my questions about Promise’s development. The other parents have been very helpful as well. It’s great to chat with them and hear other ideas on parenting. Promise absolutely loves playing with the other children and babies.



“This time has been so valuable to my family. I was able to understand Henrik and myself more and came up with better options for us both. This was a very empowering time for us. It was extremely helpful to see Carol interact and problem solve and model telling the story and slowing things down to allow room for Henrik to choose and feel. Thank you so very much for all your support and tools.”


“Becoming a first time mom has been the most incredible experience of my life; and the Nan Tolbert Center has been such a blessing for me and my son. The facility is so comfortable, inviting and relaxed. It’s a place for us to get away from things for a little while; where my son is comfortable and happy and mommy can talk, share and learn about all the adventures that come with being a new parent. It’s so wonderful to have such a great resource so close to home.”


“My daughter Bella was one month premature, so there were a lot of of questions, and some concerns I had. Being around other moms to bounce off ideas, ask advice and who were so willing to listen was such a blessing! Also just to hear other moms say”me too!” was an encouragement.”


“I just wanted to thank you for all of the information and tools you have provided . I have been finding that Oliver is much “easier” and probably, it’s because I am learning to think like him and appreciate his world more.”


“The Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center was truly a god-send during that first year of parenthood for my wife and myself. Our daughter Mabel came into the world in May 2008 and despite reading all the “right” books, and having “mastered” the art of being an aunt and uncle, we needed help and support — big time. We’d heard about the Center from our midwife, Mary Jackson, and our doula, Renee Mandala. We found the schedule and arrived early that Friday for Mabel’s first class. I don’t remember the exact title of that weekly gathering, but early on it seemed to me it should have been called “shut up and watch babies”. Lead by the amazingly graceful and generous Carol, we parents sat in a circle while our newborn Mabel lay on her back and did baby stuff. When she first rolled over, we smiled with pride, and felt the support of the parents around us. When she was in a crying mood we learned that crying was all part of it, and we didn’t have to rush in to soothe her every single time she had something to say. We also learned to include her in our parenting dialogue, whether it was needing her cooperation as we changed her, or simply letting her know we’d be leaving the room to get a fresh bottle or diaper. Later, when she was crawling with the other babies, and getting into “very” anxiety provoking interactions like taking another baby’s book, we learned to let Mabel work it out on her own. Carol kept everyone in the room safe. Even the parents.

Feeling supported, having someone, somewhere to go to for answers, listening and talking with other parents who were in the same trenches of new parenthood, was the hallmark of our Nan Tolbert Center experience. We ALWAYS had questions for Carol and Renee about sleeping, breast-feeding, and eating every single week. We never felt judged, even when we felt like sleep-deprived monsters. Showing up those Fridays during that first year opened our minds and hearts to the greater community of parenting, during a time when isolation was our enemy.

Mabel is now three, and we have another daughter, Lucy, who is 14 months. my wife and I still carry the teachings we received at the Nan Tolbert Center and I can say without a doubt that we are much better parents, and human
beings because of our experiences in that room.

It brings us great joy to be able to continue to support the center so that other parents may receive the love and support they so richly deserve during the critically important time of a child’s early life!”


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